Hi! Are you tired of trying to find out where to get low priced or even free stuff? I am too. I'm sick of trying to find ways to get free stuff. Here at Anime Highway, you can. There will be posts on many blogs here, and sometimes even contests to win free stuff. But you must stay up to date with the blog, or you will loose you're chances at getting free stuff! (The chances of their being a prize, soulfully depends on how much site traffic and members there are).

Welcome to Prized-Sakura. Here you can view all of the free prizes available for each season. Although it would be rather silly for me to just give you something free. So I'll make it a bit easier for you. Each prize comes with a requirement (NOT money), and again; soulfully depends on site traffic, members and comments. Once all the prerequisites are completed, I will make that prize available for snatching. All you have to do is have an account and guess an answer to riddles. There are no wrong answers, so you would win for sure! Check out the terms and conditions below for more details. Read the requirements followed by each Prized-Sakura prize. Check below to see if any prizes are available this month:

What you need to know:

For Prized Contests:

"# On the spot questions" =
Non-Anime Related:
Use the MACAH!'s forum to answer the question(s). There will be a separate thread labled "PS - (NAME OF GIFT)", available to guess in the member's section only. Sign up to guess in the member's forum. You can only guess and answer twice (You will be found dismayed if multiple tries are committed). The member with the best results and answers for any and ALL questions, will receive the giveaway prize.
Anime Related:
There will be link to answer the amount of Anime-Related survey questions. The link will be to a live questionnaire and preparation chat room. The President or "site admin" (If you are present before it begins), will then release the number of questions - the member in the current chat room will have a set amount of time to answer each question. The member with the best results and answers for any and ALL questions, will receive the giveaway prize.

For Prized-Sakura:

"$$$$ Aid for shipping" = Sometimes items are bulky or unsuited for shipping. Sometimes the site admin or 'giveaway' provider, does not have sufficient funds to send the item to your doorstep. Aid for you to receive your prize sometimes is more than expected. It is only then that you agree by an electronic signature, that you will pay for shipping. Paypal only.
"Contest? = ?" = If a contest followed by: blog, forum, or other form of information display, is set for a certain date, then another form of tactic other than survey will be present by a link - on it's due date (if applicable).
The only country giveaways will be sent, must be in the United States of America. If you MUST have the item, then YOU can pay for the shipping out of the USA. It is only then that you agree by an electronic signature, that you will pay for shipping.

You MUST read the terms and conditions for Prized-Sakura only, HERE. If you don't have a MACAH! forum account, you will NOT be eligible for current and future giveaways. And REMEMBER, there are no wrong answers. There will always be a winner.

"Lucky Star OVA" DVD Giveaway

This DVD, "Luck Start OVA" Was the most weirdest OVA I've ever seen. I'm weird myself, but I can't even summarize what these chicks were trying to do in the first place. Probably just, "Livin' Life" is what I can come up with. On the other hand, I really have want this to go to someone without much of a library of DVDs. So now I Drizzle, hand it to you.


    0 On the spot Questions
    $0.00 - Aid for Shipping
    Contest? = NO

What is the Site Admin's Favorite number? Have your answers from 1 to 20.


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