See all the available downloads I’ve got for you. Some of these downloads I am still figuring out. If any problems occur, please post them in the public or member’s forum so others can see the answer as well. If you want, you can also post links of your own. (Keep in mind of the “Terms and Conditions”). The games that are posted here run on windows 7 just so you know. Comment on which-ever game.

Note: [[NMS]] = "Not my source" (If none, then it's my source).

Note: As a way for you to get involved, you can decide what 2 games I'll be playing and reviewing. Leave your suggestions in a comment or post on the forum! (you can even contact me...) What's next, you decide!

My Little Hang Glider
This game is harder than you think it would be. I've seen some games, but this one requires some intense precision with your mouse. So if you think you're up to the challenge, then YOU beat it! Here ya go.

Download HERE
What's Needed HERE [[NMS]]
Here's another game that's just.... well it was intended for fear, but I guess the lack of editing showed otherwise. This
3d game is interesting, but I guess it was my laptop that didn't provide the needed speed and graphics. A sure fire play,
but that's up to you to decide. For Ju!

Download HERE
Artilerry F
I don't know much about the plot, but it seems the maker wanted me to "assume I knew who she was". You play as some girl beating up people and robots.... to what I know. However, this game runs on GameMaker, which is quite interesting. I suppose you all would have the upper hand at actually passing the levels.

Download HERE
The White Chamber

This game makes you consider and THINK. That of which is a hard one. Creepy more than anything for a horror game, but worth the play as well. The file was too big to have on my links, but still available.

Download it HERE [[NMS]]                                                    Game Guide HERE

Ghost Parade

A good time passer, and really makes you pay attention to bar levels and ghost alert arrivals. Plus, as an animated game it's fun to whatch as well. But I don't know what's it's related to either. :3

Download SWF HERE                                                                                        What's Needed HERE [[NMS]]

 Hatsune Miku Visual Novel

I don't have words for how this game is odd, cruel and funny, though, the play-through is pretty basic. I just have to see what the rest of you think about this game. tsk tsk Miku.

Download Part 1 HERE                                                                  Download Part 2 HERE

English Patch HERE [[NMS]]


I finished this game the same night, and boy it made me think. Not as hard as Ao Oni, but still hard. But mostly I was scared with it. However, the story most people say is weird, but to others like I find it unique and greatly understanding.

Download it HERE
Remember to Register with "RTP Maker" first at the bottom [Have STG RPG maker as an initiative]
Ao Oni 6.23
When I first played this I was a little confused, and  scared every five seconds. The riddles were ridiculous and scary too. All that from a 2D game eh? Nice job there.

Download it HERE
What's needed HERE [[NMS]]
Anime Character Maker 2.06
You can make and design a chibi-looking, sort of character based on the options they give you. BUT, there is no English translation for this game.

Download it HERE
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