The game and what it was did not become clear to me, until after I was far in the game itself. I thought it was a 3d sort of game at first, but they really pulled together; whatever team this was. Playing as a girl in space was something, I'm not really used to in horror games. A short review, but a review.

  //The review is intended for those whom have played or completed the game //
This may seem like a shotty move, but since I haven't seen graphics like that in a while - I thought it was pretty awesome. By first look it seemed as an odd version of a mystery (Nancy drew), though it's definitely not intended. All  together the graphics play well throughout the story. Plus since it's in an anime-form, it definitely shows up to be an awesome game.
Game Play:
It's intended to scare, but I feel more creeped out than anything. Keeping in mind that whatever choices are made can have you in a predicament that's just too weird to describe firstly. Really the vocals. The vocals by "Sarah" or whomever, are just absolutely cute! Odd, but cute.
AI System and Story:
It can be funny, it can be understanding, it can be disgusting, it can be dumb - but every time, it has you  thinking. Useually I never come accross a game that's hard, but this game makes you think. eh... not me too much. But it was just enough to keep me going! And the story is weird, but I can relate, and that's what games today need to do. Stop being so realistic, and start being more understanding to the player. This way, no matter how the situation goes, the player can always say, "I see your point". Good job.

Overall, it's creepy and hard. But there's no mystery to finishing and getting the story. The White Chamber, rolls around ideas, but is not clustered. The artist however, is somewhat familiar, do you know who it is?

This game gets ( 4.01 out of 5 Stars )

Download it from the download page HERE

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