About MACAH! And History

     Hey Welcome to the Anime Highway for MAACC! Here I, The Drizzle, will post updates on pretty much anything I might have in mind to say. Unlike with failures with current President Information at MAACC's website, at least here, you will get some updates here and there. This blog shows what I've found with the Japanese and Asian news in general. There will be posts of: Lists, major events, prizes, etc. This way you'll "know" what's the up and up for anime and manga.
     This "Online Club" started around December 2011, and slowly developed with major changes and updates. Previously, I had a "Physical club" that soon down-turned after certain presidential titles. I founded that club out of the school's entire history, and did not want to see it just wither, as presidents and vice presidents become "lazy". I hope that this site can gain great acknowledgement around communities of all kinds, and that it should not fall, but further be more established. Now the "Online Club" shall thrive. Comment on anything that is marked for complimenting and fire away! :3

Need to Know Information

  • Updates will occur every or every other 1 - 2 weeks at a time. Although it may not be very specific, updates are random. These can be updates for the: blog, website, or any other aspect and developments every week.
  • You can contact me about any questions that you may have. Go HERE to contact me on further questions non-relevant or business wise. (I did not say spam me, but give your input on anything you like or even dislike. Criticism is not a bad thing, especially for the site).
  • View the terms and conditions for the site (Online club), HERE for rules and updated rules.

More Info will be added soon!


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