Terms and Conditions:

Prized-Sakura, Members, and Personal Information:

  • To enter into "Prized Sakura", and other events that occur you must be an active member and post for at least 5 days. You do not have to answer all of the questions, but sending at least 1 of the answers for every prize, (besides your name) you'll have a better chance at winning.
  • If by using "Prized Sakura" and you have won, you agree that you are REQUIRED to prove and be fair witness to: your forum account be active for 5 days, 5 daily active posts, your account information is not fake, and only having 1 account per prize, per person, per month. A digital picture of your prize when received is recommended, but optional.
  • If prizes you won being sent are in the US. you are guaranteed that prize, even if it may take longer to process. If you are outside the US. and it costs more than $5.00 extra to send, you will not be presented that prize.
  • No fees will be presented to you unless you agree with a digital signature that you'll be following up with a event or product purchase, by an event store. You will not be charged for "Prized Sakura" prizes for any and all reasons - unless you agree to purchase with a digital signature, for prizes outside the US.
  • AnimeHighway.com respects your privacy and does not release any personally identifiable information about its users. However, by using this website you agree that any personal information supplied to MACAH! (not username in forum), is accurate and reflects your genuine identity. Impersonation of another individual for the purposes of fraud or otherwise, is strictly forbidden and can result in account termination and the denial of use to this site.
  • The "Profile" information you display shall be posted on the forum only; but MACAH! is NOT responsible for any confidential information, that YOU display, (again, AnimeHighway.com respects your privacy and does not release any personally identifiable information about its users). Only display your "Play names" in the forum as usernames/Profiles. Only reveal real information when receiving prizes, conversing with The Administrator/site owner, by account mail.
  • If you use false information - or that may be a threat to the site and other members, you will be banned from the site or any other related MACAH! events.
  • In the Membership section, if you have your own website you'd like to use as your profile, it must NOT contain: links to spam, pornography, or any other type of explicit content. (Certain details that are displayed, are determined by your "acceptable way of contact". Use the Contact Me tab for more information)

General Site Information:

  • MACAH!, MAACC, the admin of this site, etc, is not responsible for any technical and website difficulties by the "User".
  • No use of profanity and other infringement-like actions. In other words, "common sense" (Common sense is further explained in MAACC's terms and conditions)
  • By MAACC's rules, rules can be added or changed at anytime, with only the approval of the President (Administrator), and any other official given authority by the President and/or official in charge, with the Understanding of MAACC's "Common Sense". This does not mean or includes: making undefined fees, deletion of accounts due to: race, color, ethnicity, sexuality, age, etc. and misuse of authority. If you do not agree you or an admin will delete your account(s) with your approval.
  • The site may undergo different amounts of change, please stay well informed.
  • Be polite and get along with others.


  • The MACAH! logo is property of AnimeHighway.com and MAACC. The use of these elements without express permission is strictly prohibited. However, images of anime characters that appear on the site are the property of their respective companies and businesses.

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