Hey this is another post to see if ya'll might be interested in showing some of your figma, pvc, doll, figurines on the forum page. I know that most of you may not be interested in showcasing anything of what you have, but give it a try and I'll comment! Here's just an example of what I did while I made the free stuff pics:

Yeah, I know it's not funny, but hey, it was my first try at it so shh! I don't have a good camera, nor do I have the bling bling to get one for myself. But that doesn't mean you guys can't try it too. You can post them in the public or member's forum.

I'm trying to get back into the grove of online college again, and it's quite strange.

This means more studying and less on MACAH!'s blog along with others as well. I usually don't study to study, but everyone's different when the book is also online. O-O. Anyway check out the rest of the site. I might be adding some new tabs here and there for your convenience.

WAIT! one more thing. what do you all think about a game, or something in those lines in which you all can tinkle at? I'm not sure of how from scratch, but I'll give it a go... So the rest is up to you for a prize for the best games list. (All you have to do is mention witch is better of all of them, and if you guess my favorite, you get a free prize. Now what's hard about that?). Comment and search!