Hey yall! I'm going to slow down on the best such and such, to quickly post this blog post. Lately, I've had quite a few problems so far. Computer wise that is. So why do I break it down for you:

You've should have already heard of Miku already. And Like me are curious about the "Tda Append Miku".

From what my research brought me, it all started off with fans making this... this fan made Miku. And those fans were a part of some company I can't recall that encountered a copyright infringement. This infringement was with Crypton Future media. That whatever company decided to place a price of $6.00 USD to get full textures for the model. And those whom reacted first are furious. Later on this model was free and up for grabs. I missed that point, darn!
The link was eventually taken down, but still distributable. Most trade for the model "SeeU", which sounds like a paying situation again. The Model is outrageously awesome! But even I can't find a link. So the only thing you can do is wait for someone to finally get it and distribute her. That's problem number 1.

Now problem Number 2, "S4 League" Have you ever played it? Look that up and I guarantee you, that's a game worth playing. I'm known as the "Legend Of Escape". Given the title, I can escape practically any attack, but can't fight back at all!

Anyway I'm having a problem. (And yes I've tried the "get a new computer trick", it doesn't work). Xtrap stops working after it's loaded. Antivirus allows it, you name it; I guarantee you can't come up with something I haven't already tried. It stops at 99% and does... nothing. I can close it with ease, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me with that?

Lastly, the Dsi problem. I'm trying to get this nds file (witch I've already paid for! "Love Plus"), onto my Dsi. I have looked online and found only 1 solution, but he was demanding too much of me, especially spam and personal info. Ha-NO! Let me emphasize "me no want to buy anymore useless products no more". I only have a standard full camera SD Card that goes in the memory slot of cameras and my Dsi. Hey I'll even show pictures to make it clear:

I do NOT have an R4 card (which the company stopped distributing)

I do NOT have a Micro SD Card, reader port, adapter, or anything else!

All I do have is a camera that connects to my SD Card (that acts like a USB).

This is all I've got to transfer it. I've researched format, type, etc, but nothing works. I'd really appreciate this if you could.

Soo... that's what I've encountered so far as of the past few days, and have had no luck. I'm pretty good at finding legal loops and downloads, but this is ridiculous! All I'm aware of is that, I DON'T GET IT!