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What's Next?... Really?

Posted by Denzel Walker on Monday, July 23, 2012, In : Games 

Just saying; I've played in sequence: KHI, KHII, KH365/2, and I have yet to know what game comes next. Some people say that certain games were supposed to be before or after another game was released. I want to know the game that was next in release after 365/2 only. I'm not sure of how it works, but I'm close to beating this game and need input.

Updates are slowly coming here and there, though should I put up downloads, etc? Best games list of all time, shall be put close to an end. Though I...

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Best Console Games Countdown

Posted by Denzel Walker on Saturday, June 2, 2012,
Hey yall! I've finally started the Best Classic Video Games list. This list shows some of the best games I found interesting to play. Yes, some of the games listed are just so old, and some "fairly" recent, and some you may recognize.
Comment and tell me your input below. (NO! This is not a best games of this year and that year garbage).  Since there was too little amount of views and members, I've canceled the prize for the best Animes Watched. Tell me if I missed out on a game you may think...

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A New Jet Set Radio Future!

Posted by Denzel Walker on Tuesday, May 1, 2012,

I just have to tell anyone listening. Do you remember that old "Jet set Radio Future game"? Well it's in fact that IGN says that this game will be released this year, this summer. The character I was playing on the old game is..... the leader whoo! It's odd, but I had to tell you guys this.

BTW. If more site traffic comes, I'll give out free prizes. so tell as many people as you can :3

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Too Much ERROR!

Posted by Denzel Walker on Friday, April 27, 2012,
Hey yall! I'm going to slow down on the best such and such, to quickly post this blog post. Lately, I've had quite a few problems so far. Computer wise that is. So why do I break it down for you:

You've should have already heard of Miku already. And Like me are curious about the "Tda Append Miku".

From what my research brought me, it all started off with fans making this... this fan made Miku. And those fans were a part of some company I can't recall that encountered a copyright infringement. T...

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Love Plus Game Review

Posted by Denzel Walker on Saturday, April 14, 2012,

I was going to thin out the animes for "Best Animes List" post but this out to be just as fine. I just wanted you all to see what games I've been playing so far. And this game is by far awesome. Yes, this is a dating simulation game. Now WAIT! don't get the wrong idea here, it's not because of that type of thinking. This is also not one of those hentai or ecchi games either. This game is meant for players on the lonelier side or preferably the occasional nerd. Keep in mind if you don't want t...

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To Blog or Not to Blog, Anime is the Question?

Posted by Denzel Walker on Sunday, April 1, 2012,

Why Hello and welcome to my bloggy stuff. Soon enough I will be posting a list on the best animes, best video games, and eventually something else. Whatever I seem to have on mind I guess. I'm THINKING about giving out free prizes, but I'm still working on how that might work, or if I even have the nerve to do so. Anyway it's still in the construction stages, but it will be up soon enough with all the extra links just like MAACC has. Comment on anything you want, with consideration, and I'll ...

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