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Updates + Game Review

Posted by Denzel Walker on Thursday, February 21, 2013, In : Games 

Hello everyone! Everything has just been on and off and going through portals. College is going swell (Can't wait to go to Japan, when I get the chance!). I've actually done many things in recent moments and have started many outside accounts.

I finally had some time and did some game reviews, but I mixed it up. I thought I'd try a little "Artificial academy" for a bit of change - and I mean only a bit. Be sure to check that out when ya got the time. Exams are getting a bit more intense, but I...

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Posted by Denzel Walker on Thursday, September 20, 2012, In : Updates 

It's been a while now since the site has been officially open since the last meeting of MAACC. But now I have some info for you about some updates. Recently "Prized-Sakura" has been closed by uncertain events, and will now reopen for a limited time. It will reopen in about a week or 2 and serve up a new-way-of-visual. I have tons of anime which I haven't read but might read before giving it to you. As long as the shipping is not over $5.00 just to mail it... or "Out of control prices" are inv...

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A Party on my Back!

Posted by Denzel Walker on Sunday, August 19, 2012, In : Updates 
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting and keeping up to date with you guys, but now that classes are over for the time being I can now start updating the blog. There are new downloads and game reviews that have been uploaded, be sure to check those out.

On face book I came across a an image that greatly reflects the way otaku show emotions while viewing anime. I just thought that you guys can relate to what this picture portraits:

So as far as the forum goes, I'm sorry I haven't been able to a...

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Katawa Shoujo Game Review

Posted by Denzel Walker on Friday, June 15, 2012, In : Games 

Ever had a disability that made you extremely different from other students? Hanako (er something) has dealt with a heavy heart disease that makes his ability to get around more difficult. Transferred to a "special school" he now encounters new friends. Kinda a classic High school anime, if you think about it. In this PC game you play as Hanako with a rare disease of arrhythmia. This is a short review with few pics and all. Be aware, I am a little further in this game. Now into more detail:


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Amagami SS Episode 11 Review + HOTD Huh?

Posted by Denzel Walker on Thursday, June 7, 2012, In : Anime 

Hey yall! I just letting you all know about the anime I've been watching lately, and boy is it good. Man, man... This is one romantic comedy I would not mind watching over and over. This whole sha-bang is this guy that enters different scenarios and winds up with a new girl every 4 to 5 episodes. Now that's kewl. Amagami SS is quite a well put together anime.

Currently I'm on episode 11 as you can see. Now I'm sure there are some of you would agree, “I like timid girls”. Sure.... just...

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