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Help Meh! MLP Virus

Posted by Denzel Walker on Monday, December 10, 2012, In : Updates 
Long enough right? Well lucky for you I found a few solutions a bit easier to work with, as far as updates go. That's up
to you to look at them, but as far as the site goes... well that's up to you as well.Now you may be wondering, "what are
you talking about", and the answer to the question is really simple. I've been watching some new animated works, but can you guess what it might be? I give you some hints: it started in 2010, featured towards a younger audience, and is only featured on the...
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Finally Stabilized! Finally Kingdom Hearts 365

Posted by Denzel Walker on Sunday, October 7, 2012, In : Updates 

Finally Prized-Sakura is stabilized and ready for use! The only other situation, is the members and forum section. Seems like it's going to take longer than expected to finish of this site. However that doesn't mean many features of the site aren't still working, go check them out!

YES! I finished Kingdom Hearts 365. And just like every game in the KH series, it gives you that "feeling". Meaning you can relate to the character in more ways than one; or that you can even explain. I feel like I ...

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Your Figures My Studying

Posted by Denzel Walker on Friday, June 22, 2012,
Hey this is another post to see if ya'll might be interested in showing some of your figma, pvc, doll, figurines on the forum page. I know that most of you may not be interested in showcasing anything of what you have, but give it a try and I'll comment! Here's just an example of what I did while I made the free stuff pics:

Yeah, I know it's not funny, but hey, it was my first try at it so shh! I don't have a good camera, nor do I have the bling bling to get one for myself. But that doesn't me...

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