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Best Console Games Countdown

Posted by Denzel Walker on Saturday, June 2, 2012,
Hey yall! I've finally started the Best Classic Video Games list. This list shows some of the best games I found interesting to play. Yes, some of the games listed are just so old, and some "fairly" recent, and some you may recognize.
Comment and tell me your input below. (NO! This is not a best games of this year and that year garbage).  Since there was too little amount of views and members, I've canceled the prize for the best Animes Watched. Tell me if I missed out on a game you may think...

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HOLD ON! Welcome to the NHK!

Posted by Denzel Walker on Friday, May 18, 2012,
Hey guys, I'm just gonna have to hold off on this... Countdown again. I have watched one deliberately awkward and dream traumatizing anime.

Conspiracies and bottled images, one man undergoes the changes of coming out of being a Hikikomori; in meaning, a confined or secluded individual. We've all had this problem before, and what is strikingly compelling about this anime is that it drives every individual to think. I myself have been trying to accomplish that with my novels I write alone. But n...

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