It's been a while now since the site has been officially open since the last meeting of MAACC. But now I have some info for you about some updates. Recently "Prized-Sakura" has been closed by uncertain events, and will now reopen for a limited time. It will reopen in about a week or 2 and serve up a new-way-of-visual. I have tons of anime which I haven't read but might read before giving it to you. As long as the shipping is not over $5.00 just to mail it... or "Out of control prices" are involved............. you're out of luck.
Terms and Conditions will be updated, because it seems a little off to understand or at least categorize. The more I'm in college, the harder it seems to find time to do games/game-reviews, edit the site, update on downloads, forums, events, etc, etc. However, that does not mean i won't still complete such tasks.
In the mean time, please join, comment, and so on. Drizzle OUT! :3

P.S. - I have started 2 new features for games and reviews. In either tab of "Downloads" or, "Game Reviews" you can see the option for suggesting 2 new games to play and review. One must be page-based, and the other must be video-based. (Sometimes the videos are out, but I'm working on it :3). Leave your suggestions in the forum - or contact me. THANK YA!