Cat Planet Cuties. Man, that's one heck of a show. I've recently looked up this show, watched the first episode, and found it not to only keep my interest, but have a compelling storyline. It remarkably resembles several aspects to my enigmas, but this one beat me to the punch. I have to say the artist might be the same with "High school D x D", although the art is slightly off. Take it fro me, this anime is not bad. Tell me would you like to have a Neko/Cat girl like that. Tell me otherwise in the comments below.

Now for the Shorter Countdown

This is taking me a long time to decifer but I'm getting to it. The following list will be shortened. This is just a mini game since there isn't enough site traffic, but can you guys guess witch of these is my favorite classic?

Air Gear
Code L Yoko
Rozen Maiden (2007)