It's been way too long since I last posted. I should definitely change when I would post on the blog. I've definitely been
really busy lately, sorry.

I recently got into my math class at the college I'm attending. With math, I'm not too bad with - it's just the simple stuff that catches me off guard. Quadratics and heavy trigonometry I should be able to remember. (I'm sort of a nerd when it comes to solving math in the most complicated ways...

... Like a boss).

I got so downloads you guys could try out. I have gone through games.......... look they shouldn't be available. Some where too hard, and glitchy too. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to what could happen as far as 'business stuff' goes - it's looking pretty good so far.

[P.S. - I haven't completed any game reviews lately, because it's been too hectic. Maybe I'll hopefully have the time for that later. In the mean time Talk to ya'll later.]