I was going to thin out the animes for "Best Animes List" post but this out to be just as fine. I just wanted you all to see what games I've been playing so far. And this game is by far awesome. Yes, this is a dating simulation game. Now WAIT! don't get the wrong idea here, it's not because of that type of thinking. This is also not one of those hentai or ecchi games either. This game is meant for players on the lonelier side or preferably the occasional nerd. Keep in mind if you don't want to see spoiler pictures of game play, don't continue reading the Game "Review".

Alright! So to start off this is a Ds game I'm playing with PC. Don't ask how I got it to work on PC to get the images, just ignore that factor for now. So your a high school student that is convinced of a new life's beginning. You now have the opportunity to win the hearts of one of 3 girls. Depending on what you say and do can alter your chances with that dream girl. Now into more detail:


As you can already tell by the detail in the starting title, the graphics are sort of out of date. It's a semi old Ds game that provides all the necessary functions as an ordinary new Dsi game would have. I am more interested in Japanese games is all. For the most part, for 3d graphics on a Ds, low poly graphics are to be expected some how. It's a quality game anyway :3

Game Play:

Be aware I am about 50 to 60 days in the game, so if you're just starting the game, you might want to find out for yourself. My version, I got it to display in English. I have to say; they did a pretty good job translating from Japanese to English. Since I'm pretty far in the game, I can at least show you what it's like to play step by step.

Your schedule, (which at first thought was completely ridiculous), can determine how your day goes, if you do well in school and fitness, your chances with a girl, etc. It seem way too overwhelming sometimes; even to a point if you ever come across games like these, you'll throw them away. Not with this one. Give it a chance, and you might be clicking all night, by how engaged you are in it.

By day by night, you still have options, in your sub menu to edit and so forth that could effect your day. And please, always have a way to save multiple times and multiple files. You'll regret trying to figure out what was said 3 days after.

As you can see Once you rank up, you can receive emails here and there, and send them here and there from the girls at that high school. And oh so happen, I got the one into kitties... go figure. Pretty blunt and limited ways to respond. Given the fact that your "person" can't type, or has a cruddy cell phone. Either way your responses even here can effect the way she treats you from then on.

By what you put for your schedule effects which female is more likely to be "interested" in on that particular day. That's bound to have an effect on you personally or the user you play as. I don't know what the buttons are meant for when they appear above the sprites head. But if you're willing to try to see what they do, have an extra save state.

A.I. System and Story:

It may seem like an old game, and it is, so some actions you may make can seem predictable. And sometimes they are. But after a longer period in game play; now if you think to hard and apply what you've seen in animes and mangas, you'll be surprised that it's completely necessary. With other times it's just an eye opener. I apparently play the part realistically as much as I can, and ended up with interacting with, "Rinko". She's one of the 3 of the girls you can pick from. I actually had no Idea she was into cats at all :3

And then the ladder comes down to my own user player. Some of the stuff he says is completely past me sometimes. Like this one above; a perfectly good converse turned completely awkward thanks to my wonderful user's opinion, I gotta deal with her getting mad at me. That's something for you, you sometimes want to talk when it never gives you the option to. Now I can show a few game play pics on how funny and how ridiculous it can be:

This is where you would pick. My assumption would see this as an opportunity to either continue your relationship with the girl you're after, or move on with someone more interesting. But I'm not like that, to just ditch ya.

As you can see my name is WALK. When you start a new game you can input how your name is pronounced. And it's kinda backwards, so your last name is your first and vise-verso. But I never changed it because I made them say "wa-ka" for my last name walker; although it sounds even better thought as "WATA!" as Jackie Chan would say for his favorite drink.

And so forth, my user says something stupid, and causes me to look like a "pervert".

Now the artists behind certain scenes, they're pretty good! it matches sometimes to make the feel for anime, gaming, and virtual simulating more vibrant. For me, being more visual, that's a plus.

For getting the Players involved, which is very important; they do a great job. Next thing I know, I'm on a date. Although it would be great if there was a Church option, but I guess they want to reach the masses regardless of religion.


Continuing, this game plays quite a non-generic interaction. I'm not including the relation with anime, or love at first sight junk, I'm talking about the way all the character's characteristics blend together to make you either: laugh, cry, etc.

What I did notice after a while was sometimes, the girls on this game change due to: mood, feelings towards you, and event status. Which actually quite cute :3 Then that's when you as the player can laugh at what events can turn up.

Now I know what your probably thinking, "What's with this guy, is this an incest game?!" and I would say NO! That was just a nick name that she decided to call me. Actually play the game, and see your own reactions, and how people whom haven't played react.

And when he finally says something right, he tops it off with stupidity. The Game doesn't have any noticeable glitches, these are just tests to see if you know about her feelings or not. Remember, the further you get in the game, that's when you begin to think more complicated. That's good for hard thinkers.

Once you have a girl, I'm not saying stick with her, because she looked at you first, you can browse around. I'm not fully aware, but don't cheat on girls. It teaches you basic morals too.

Here's another example of Humor relating to the player. This is "Manaka". She's one of the 3 you can pick from. Here, she's trying to convince me she's eaten out before... I'm not buying it; haha!


In conclusion, this game is not bad at all! This is generally for teens. Especially those single and NERDY. I for one am just one person. There are many other reviews for this game. Getting it imported and translated.... eh. Other such matters include: since it's low poly it calls for animations to be put with other models as well. I for one recommend this game, especially for boys looking for a little spice, giving, and rejection. All those things that make a video game worth playing.

This game gets ( 4.56 out of 5 Stars )