Ever had a disability that made you extremely different from other students? Hanako (er something) has dealt with a heavy heart disease that makes his ability to get around more difficult. Transferred to a "special school" he now encounters new friends. Kinda a classic High school anime, if you think about it. In this PC game you play as Hanako with a rare disease of arrhythmia. This is a short review with few pics and all. Be aware, I am a little further in this game. Now into more detail:


The Detail is fine worked and glossed with the up-most patience. Though the backgrounds are of an actual school. Seeing that it's in japan takes quite some commitment to get all clear backgrounds without anyone interrupting. I'm still continuing the game but it seems it would turn out even better. The graphics get high in ranks.

Game Play:

Wow is what I have to say
. Even though there is barely a reaction in what happens, you can get visuals just by the words themselves. By the looks of it, you can have a look at how each person is before you finally go after a girl.

It seems that for the most part, it's like any other "follow story"; you have to follow and read. and it mostly just gives you choices to continue that set story. It's not hard and is easy to follow. Just pay attention to some of the facial expressions, you can go "Whoa!" or even, "Haha!" like I have lately. It's very simple, but grabs you with it's understanding. It's like a must play, or go away, situation.

A.I. System and Story:

Yes! This is very good! With a mouse, just try any clicks and menu screens that you want appear. Even without a mouse, you can utilize all of the options provided. It's a definite ease-of-access. I have a few problems myself, not with my heart, but I can relate to Hanako here. But it seems he's very lucky than downsided for his transfer into this new school. I've noticed that there is every type of emotion divided in each girl you meet. So far I've only met one boy, and he's a weirdo!

I've also noticed that there was an option for disabling adult content... ... WHAT? It seems this entire time, I thought this was going to be a nice romantic game, but nooo!! now it's some weird game like "Cat Girl Alliance" where adult content just sneaks up on you, and your character's personality completely changes.


This game has all the ups and ups for it. All in all, I can see that every boy who wants a "nostalgic connection" should play this. But! A few options during game play, and only very minimal more will work just fine. I'm not aware of any new releases of a continuing series, but I'll be on the look-out. ^-^

This game gets ( 4.92 out of 5 Stars )