I have done research and countless hours figuring out the culture and the making of these highly expensive dolls; and I have come to the conclusion, of making my own. Those specifically related to Volks. This company makes a collection of dolls or "Dollfie Dreams" to eager Americans ready to buy the heavy charge. To take care of one of these is a hassle, so to save time, I'm going to make one myself; knowing the in's and outs of these dolls. I've been quite random lately, and have found interest outside the OTAKU arena.

I have found an interest in aquaponics. It's a combination of aquarium life and Hydroponics; no soil planting. Even with bamboo shark eggs, I've learned quite a bit from that too. They look like dried tacos. :3

BUT, Anyway, I have found many tutorials on making one of these dolls. I'm still pondering on if I should add sight to the doll and make it an anamatronic instead. Still deciding. If you guys can find a cheaper solution (cheapest), then I'd love to hear your thoughts, and your comments below.

And yes I'm dragging the final announcement for the "Drizzle's" best anime ever. The game countdown will be on your account. Thanks for reading! :3