Hey guys, I'm just gonna have to hold off on this... Countdown again. I have watched one deliberately awkward and dream traumatizing anime.

Conspiracies and bottled images, one man undergoes the changes of coming out of being a Hikikomori; in meaning, a confined or secluded individual. We've all had this problem before, and what is strikingly compelling about this anime is that it drives every individual to think. I myself have been trying to accomplish that with my novels I write alone. But now I will research this story teller and artist (when I have time), and find out the meaning of Visual Thinking.

My personal opinion. I recently had a nightmare, I think, and it was right after I finished this anime. I had this dream only once as a child, and to have it again in more detail, freaks me out. I suggest, yeah, this is one good anime, that didn't recieve it's proper advertizement with Funimation and other such cultural companies; but be warned of facing reality too. This anime gets a creepy 5 out of 5.

(P.S. I also just before watching anime was playing "Ao Oni 6.23". What ever you do, don't play this weird game. You could look it up as well.)

The Count down will continue later for sure :3 !