Finally Prized-Sakura is stabilized and ready for use! The only other situation, is the members and forum section. Seems like it's going to take longer than expected to finish of this site. However that doesn't mean many features of the site aren't still working, go check them out!

YES! I finished Kingdom Hearts 365. And just like every game in the KH series, it gives you that "feeling". Meaning you can relate to the character in more ways than one; or that you can even explain. I feel like I can give a total game review, and still come short to making it sound awesome!
I bet none of you can give me a solid answer to which order the series goes, huh?

I'm thinking about starting a team together, however, they must be committed... I'm still thinking on it, but I'm sure it CAN work. What is "it"? Well when I feel like telling you, I'll let you know.

Remember to comment and post. Feed back is always wanted, thanks again; until next time! :3