Hey yall! I've finally started the Best Classic Video Games list. This list shows some of the best games I found interesting to play. Yes, some of the games listed are just so old, and some "fairly" recent, and some you may recognize.
Comment and tell me your input below. (NO! This is not a best games of this year and that year garbage).  Since there was too little amount of views and members, I've canceled the prize for the best Animes Watched. Tell me if I missed out on a game you may think otherwise, or go to the forum.

Billy Hatcher

One I'm sure you haven't heard of, Billy hatcher, yes, is an old GameCube game; but met the qualifications on being a
classic-based video game. Hero and antagonist, scenario with a twist based on games.

Bomber Man Hero

Back in the day game, but trust me, it was worth any price. I haven't beaten the last levels of the game but I'm
encouraged to find out if there is an extra copy somewhere (don't tell me the ending). One man in a leotard, fights foes using nothing but bombs to solve his problems.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

I played this some time ago. And yes, I liked it because of the breasts, but that's okay; I still couldn't figure out how to go down that huge slide. I've yet to play the actual fighting games the series has to offer, but I'm willing to compromise. Otherwise this video game always made me blush ^-^.

Jet Set Radio Future

Whoooo! Man if I had a time machine... Jet Set radio future is an adventure game for the xbox; worth the play. This game
offers graphics I like to relate to what's involved with MMD and other such programs. Soundtrack, story, the whole sha-bang; I enjoyed every minute. (I've previously posted a post on a newer version of JSRF).

Kingdom Hearts

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of it, played it and gave it a horrible score for gameplay. And others seem to follow up on a "emotion or feeling" they feel after completing the game. Cliff hangars and all I too felt this "feeling" and awaited the arrival of part 2. Great storyline that puts you in the characterization of Sora.

Kingdom Hearts II

If you ever played Kingdom Hearts I, then you know the "super feeling" you get with this game for PS2. I feel that it's one of those play once then continue kinda games. I seem to have put myself in the mindset of Sora. And when you've beaten this game... I'll let you find out what you feel next.

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days

I am in the mist of playing this game and I just wanna know! I'm currently stuck on so peter pan boss Heartless. Anyway,
this game will put you on your feet for attention and nostalgia.

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2

The reason why these are together is because of the "fact" that they go together. Now everyone enjoys part 2 more, and
some have completely moved on. Zombies and all these games get my approval. (And if there is any 3 coming out, or anything of the sort that's more new, let a brother know').

Mario Kart Double-Dash

Old game, and fun to play, but like most racing games, once you've mastered them all, the game loses it's color; so new
ones must follow behind it in an endless cycle of racing games. Play this game and enjoy well.

Mirrors Edge

OH Yeah! Now you should already know, I do parcore and free-running myself. This game served as inspiration for all runners around the world. (Most of them at least). The story is still obscure, but it's all too distracting.

Naruto Clash of Ninja

When this game first came out, it was expensive and I had to have it. It got the player's choice for a reason, play it and tell me you don't agree.

Naruto Clash of Ninja II

This game still doesn't get old to me. Even though it is old, the story ended just how long I was watching the anime. (Isn't
there like over 400 episodes now? or is it 500 and over? That's doing too much). I used this game many times in MAACC for game competitions. Today the way graphics are used in other related games are sometimes too much; but this one got it right.

Shadow The Hedgehog

I'll put this simple. For me now, the guns thing was a problem; but the  reason I found it good: "shadow and guns equals
awesome game."

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (DX)

I think you guys may not know these games at all. Nonetheless, it's great because it can balance racing and story together. I couldn't tell difference at all between the two.

Tales of Symphonia

I need to finish this game! I've been spoiled by tons of people ends and secrets, but I have tuned that out of me and need
to play it again! This is an old, very long, very wordy, somewhat romantic comedy, blended together on a 2-disc game for
GameCube. I do know they have newer tales of this and that. However, I need help. I can still remember, how do I defeat
that purple headed girl in the beginning of the game? I still don't know. Anyway this is a good game.

Tekken 6

This was a game I played with my family, and eventually I gained a liking to seriously graphic-d fighting games. I do so
enjoy using her chainsaws.

What's your opinion on this list. Do you have a game that's better? Show me what you got!