This is still a bit confusing to decide. I was going to add some type of winnable prize for those whom can guess which of the few animes selected; which one would I chose for the best anime. Since they're aren't enough members to assist, I will cancel and see if can be followed by the best video games list. So below are in order the best animes of the top 5 animes to number 1 being the best:

# 5: Code L Yoko

# 4: Dears

# 3: Air Gear

# 2: Rozen Maiden (2007)

And for the number one anime I've seen as a classic twist of a love story (not twilight)...

# 1: Suzuka

I hope you enjoyed this reel of a list. I'll post the best console games list. Put your input in for the next list in the comments below.