Some of the things on here may be inappropriate for some viewers. Be on the look out.

    Hey this is the blog for the best Animes I've seen. Now I know, some of these are old and some moderately new. Just tell me if any of these aren't too your liking or if I'm missing one of your favorites... :3 but come on... all these new ones are crap nowadays... "Oh johnny...!" Like people? Really?! Please comment cuz I'll be deciding on the top ten soon! Thinking of a prize... maybe so... maybe not...

A.I. Love You
I watched this series long ago, and found it to be quite amazing... I always found a way to connect with the plot of the story. This anime is in!

Air Gear
From the start I have been hooked! My fascination for inventing struck here, and I got so caught up in the situation, that I can't even remember the last time I watched it. (yeah it's that good :3) Besides all the awesome graphics, and cliffhangers they leave for every episode, this is and anime worth watching!

Azumanga Dioh
It confused me... But that's what made this anime interesting. From a novel to the big screen, the main character, (who's name still passes me), reminds me of.... well me when I... daze off. We can all relate to that... "An American is among us!" well. Sure! Uhhh.... that's what makes this anime so compelling.

Birdy: The Mighty Decode
A few seconds of watching this is worth your time. Although I did not get the whole episode and plot thing down... I found the graphics and all to tell the story :3

Black Cat
Man I tell you wut... slap this in a sandwich and BAM! it's a new anime. I can't really describe this, but the most I could make out of it is.... "Yeeaaahhhherr"

Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo
HAHA! man I still don't get it... please... if you want confusion then...... this actually sounds like something I would write into animation. Funny; I still don't know what Bobo is trying to do.

Cased Closed
I Soon got a craving for anime in the mystery sense, and came to liking this anime. L'amore then death... not bad. At least with this anime your assumptions on predictions gets worse more into the series. And that's a good thing.

I CAN RELATE!!!... except I no have robot. I tell yeah I'd root for the man to keep doing what he does, and keep that Chobit or Chi with him as much as possible! Get the picture? Watch it and find out!

Code L Yoko
I grew up watching this. The plots for every episode kept me coming back... until it stop being on air, new technology, WHY?! ....anyway this is one anime that's just a.... Kewl anime moment!

Comic Party
Okay.... let's see.... if you want a nose bleed then watch this. If you want to cheer in the background, watch this. If you want to feel sorrow watch this. If you want to throw it against the wall and say, why did you say that?! watch this. If you want to applaud, watch this.

DAWWWWWWW well. Man i can see that this anime is bomb! It's a tab worry some on how thing will play out, but man is it just straight up keewwwll!!

Eureka Seven
Same with Air Gear, technology sparked with this one, and played a dramatic role... After a while... things became... tiresome for new events... but in the end it's all just one big slap in your hiney saying good job!

I saw this in a glimpse then later finished the series. WOW! just straight up wow. Graphics, music, plot all blended with confusion just right. Get this, it's awesome!

Fruit Basket
Kinda draggy and it was a oh yeah, let's watch this. It's the later episodes that convince you to put together a YEAH! and then it stops...... Man, why you do that?

Full Metal Panic
I don't know what episode but just a few convinced me to continue watching... it's like... huh? I'm asuming this team of 2 would later tell you of a adventure, but this.... I don't even know.. but it's awesome!

Girls Bravo

 HEHEEHEHEHEHEHE! episode one will convince you otherwise!

Peculiar game indeed. needless to say how confusing it way... but I still watched it... maybe it was the neko, but it's like a hook to remember, not to exasperate.

Haruhi Suzumiya
Got the whole 1st season and want he rest of it. Tell tell of a god situation, which I disagree, but EVERYTHING else makes it awesome.

He Is My Master
I was a bit craving for something... different in this anime. Plot and everything else was completely past me and would rather continue than figure out the story... in any case, this is awesome! Most people have created "naughty" based situations and animes for this, so it makes me kinda sad to see this plunder to, "naughty".

High School Of The Dead
Saw the whole first season and trying to figure out how to get the 2 season. but every detail even such simple details relating to "resident evil" this anime makes you want to see if you'll survive an apocolps.

I watched it every morning before I headed out. It's like a .Hack situation, hook to remember not to over exaggerate.

Kiss X Sis
You know why! why would you even be watching this... there are a few arguments on how this might be okay or not okay... I find this a kewl anime, but not something to do in real life.

Love Hina
Watched 1 episode only and found it pretty good. Although it sounds like it would be so tiresome, how it might drag on and on. Though you oughtta check it out!

I only watched the second season and see that detail and thought was applied. This anime is not afraid to expose for all the normal reasons in daily life in Japan or America... these animes make a get together work out too!

Everyboday knows how this character relates to me.... come on. That was the reason for watching, and so forth it became a watch worthy anime. Find out and see what I mean :3!

Like a slap and a jar of cookies, this anime is just..... when your mood is right, you can watch this. Or even more so, any mood, and you'll want to keep watching on your own accord. This is an anime people can imagine and support reasons for...

Everybody knows it, somewhat loves it, and relate to it. It can get really REALLY long in series, but just the series when they where kids is just as good. Tell me if you can cry to an anime and say, "let's watch it 20 more times.." just that good.

I'm not a fancy for magic regardless of the situation, but like Haruhi Suzumia, it's a EVERYTHING else moment... I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. Just watch and figure out if it's worthy of your time.

Oh My Goddess!
Makes it sound like a Christian anime, and it's kewl all the instances where God can come into play without revealing religions. So MMM!

Peach Girl
I'm not a fan of relationship anime, but this one made me go, "OHHHH! In your FACE!" oddly speaking. Not sure anybody would enjoy it, but those who are willing to understand types of anime, watch this.

Ruroni Kenshin
My first anime ever watchable when I was a kid. And only watched 2 episodes. I don't understand why I don't finish watching it, but it's a inspiring moment here.

Rozen Maiden (2007)
Unfortunately I relate with the boy, except for the not going to school part. This anime witch was later canceled then on air again. The original original anime was the best compared to the other animes. I really enjoyed this anime; I guess only a few can understand this...

SGT. Frog
Uhmmmm you know what. I'll admit it. I saw a little this and that, some girls, and more over understood the condemnations of this anime.

Shaman King
Another 1 episode situation with a hook to remember. But I'd like to know more about this anime.

MUHAHAHAHAH! Another anime that makes you want to say, awwww that guy. Most animes like this are preferably whom enjoy "graphics" and amazing plot sequences.

I HAVE RELATED TO THIS! All I have to say is imagine you are the main character boy, and slap you life in there... Darn!

Tokyo Mew Mew
I like Kitties... not the one with the gender change... but this one instead.

Video Girl AI
I was in one of those moods, and understood the boys situation at the time. Although the old time anime techniques are ... old; everything else is an anime to "watch watch".

YOU ALL KNOW! BUT! The scenario turned out to be something I did not expect. Take this anime watch it, and you'll be afraid  to turn it up even if your old enough and live alone. The rating doesn't seem to match :3

Not the new crap in Yu Gi Oh, the classic one! Man that whole duel thingy on the arm is stupid! I'm not saying what they're doing is off, it's just, bleh! Stick with the old, Yugioh!

Zatch Bell
ZACAre! er something... Pff don't try to copy this later America We'll know the difference! Can you imagine a little guy or girl next to you, saying, "READ FUU!" and I'll say, "I no read, you go back outside and make me PIE!", ".....WHAT!"