Hey yall! I just letting you all know about the anime I've been watching lately, and boy is it good. Man, man... This is one romantic comedy I would not mind watching over and over. This whole sha-bang is this guy that enters different scenarios and winds up with a new girl every 4 to 5 episodes. Now that's kewl. Amagami SS is quite a well put together anime.

Currently I'm on episode 11 as you can see. Now I'm sure there are some of you would agree, “I like timid girls”. Sure.... just not the dirty ones (yeah you boys). Anyway so far, I'm jumping and hoping for every episode that I get. And I usually don't act-a-fu like that. Some of you have access and the extreme amounts of time to get Japan's top animation info, before I could in 2 weeks. Tell me, where in the world do you go to get that info so fast?!

(OVA Video Snapshot)

One last thing. You all have heard of “High-school of the Dead” right? I want to know the exact date on when it will come out. I've heard it was august to September, but never can be too sure. Hit me up in the comments below ^-^.