“Ren’py Date Simulation The Game” can be considered a date simulation classic. There are many contributions that can be assumed in games of all kinds. Some of these would focus on: graphics, game play, and how the AI and story fit together. This game was actually pretty interesting with all the extra features available. Being the classic school ‘nobody’ how would you feel?

//Be aware that I will be showing pictures far in the game, since the simulation is so short//


Graphics are actually pretty sleek. Menu bars and images with how each character feels is something to regard. Multiple physical emotions displayed on screens and sub-screens can keep players looking around to see if anything new might arrive or showcase. Overall, “Ren’py” is a good artist in my book. Not up to par, but better. Configuring each detail with similar layers and frames, I consider good!

Game Play

Game flow seems a little tedious waiting for something to happen; although in most cases like this earning the attention of a girl doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is something I learned from this. You can never tell if someone can actually want to see you. There-over, game play is very well set.

AI System and Story

You all know story is something that should be focused on with every game; even fighting games. The story is easily understandable by the introduction. Starring as a boy, getting a girl, (like most Otaku), have a bit of trouble, or are in a dilemma. This story can relate and sometimes even get down right funny.

What I really enjoyed was the vocals. The emotions on screen then in audio really flow. Every date simulation, even if cheaply made, always should have quality vocals. This makes the feeling of ‘knowing him/her’ more enjoyable.

Even when I thought this was like every other tedious simulation, it fails to show quickness to same routines; which this game luckily did not do. Every time things miss-match, surprises turn around every corner, and spike player’s attention.


Having all the extras, stories, and funnies all round. I felt like this Ren’py, had some limits. Some might include story length, and amount of vocals. This, I am unaware of. However, everything put together makes a very well said game. Different endings and unfamiliar art make this dating simulation get a grand off welcome. Good job.

This game gets ( 4.83 out of 5 Stars )

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