*** This is a game for individuals 18+ and should not be read by those under this age. Though I did try to make it as G-Rated as possible. ***

// This game may or may not reveal spoilers of the game and it's features //
(I'm not entirely sure if they would be considered spoilers if anything)
Artificial Academy

The makers from Illusion have put together a well glitched and very obvious game. Artificial Academy is a Anime-Hentai based game for the PC. NOW WAIT! Before you point fingers and say, “he's a pervert”, I recently came across this game for one thing... you can beat up other characters in the game. This game review followed behined constant videos of Artificial Girl 2-3 of a boy screaming, “Oiii!” several times. Now it may not be a long review, but let's see what I dug up in the mean time.

For this game, you want to keep the graphics on basic, the ones: fastest, and quality; really slow down the game speed. What's interesting is the fact that all the pixels and polygons are trimmed down during the game. However, when your character encounters another character the polygon graphics increase. That's something interesting!

Game Play:

There are many features in the game that set it apart from others, but the generality is limited. If it were to be compared to a date sim, you can adjust your days. This game however, you choose what you do during the day. The faster you get to your class or club activity, the better you'll do in your ranks. You can only save after the end of each day, and pick the character you play as in the following morning. What you may have noticed is the fact that you can create your own desired mate, or recreate yourself in some ways.

AI System and Story:

The AI is really.... it's kinda “dumb” at times. It's funny most of time with all the constant tottering of characters when they follow you around, but the fact of it is, nothing is constant – and that plays into the story. There is no story. Not unless you really get into it, you can forge a different plot. Otherwise your goal is to be a guy/girl, get you desired guy/girl, and and go the whole 9 yards into the bedroom. Or, in my case with the girl I chose, right in the middle of the classroom floor...

All I want to do is beat up people!

On my half, I thought you can only have one “lover” at a time. Turns out, you can have as many as there are on the board. However, in the beginning, I chose the Grudge-lookin' green haired chick and everything was creepy as ever. The one thing I didn't recall was the fact that the “fight over them” button was activated. Though the chick that followed got jealous and came up to me...
I couldn't choose because like... well I'm not sure, but the fact that I couldn't choose set the board – and the green one SEEMED to have gotten angry. The following day I asked her how she was doing, and was shocked by her answer.
And in the same day it happened again!
I just gave up and went for the next day. Yet again, I was shocked and almost amused by all the things people thought of my character.


This is nothing like Love Plus, but is going to have to be the near most bizarre game I've played in a while. When it came down to certain matters I couldn't: apologize, say thanks, etc etc. However, it was made up for the fact that I could get beaten up by the “peewee-weak girls”. Logic doesn't work in this game, so if you are weird or have sudden changes in your mood, then I recommend this game for you!
But I still got surprised too...
This game gets ( 4.02 out of 5 Stars )

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